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2016 Knitting plans

I thought for once this year if do a knitting and sewing plan, if only to see whether I stick to it, and to help me prioritise all the bits that are flying around my head.

First up, knitting!

Three projects I definitely want to do:

* A blanket for Milo.


He has completely shredded his baby one, it was a log cabin construction and he’s prised the seams open so it is now really more hole than blankie. I offered to make him a new one thinking if have to persuade him, but to my surprise he was super keen and has been talking about his new big blue blanket. For the design I was inspired by the the bounce blanket which tin can knits sell a kit for, but not it because I need I want 1. No holes due to risk of intentional destruction. 2. It to be reversible 3. It to be super easy to do one row at a time, without risk of having to pull stuff back. It’s gonna take me long enough as it is. What I’m taking from the tck design is the green gradient alternating with white rows. I just need to pick a stitch, and have been swatching to help me decide. I also need to measure what size I want and figure out how much yarn I need to buy.

* Estelle jumper


I started this in January 2014 ago, then left it with one sleeve almost finished and the other one unstarted at some point. I finished the first sleeve when I briefly went to knitting group again just before Ellis was born, but I’m put off starting the second one as I’m pretty sure I didn’t properly mark down my rows and there’s a high risk I’ll end up with two different sized sleeves. I also can’t remember what size jumper I made, which I need to know for sleeve circumference. But I NEED to figure that out because what is the point of a 3/4 finished jumper? I also am likely to have lots of yarn left over so it would be good to know how much so I can find projects for it

* Dotted Rays shawl


This was meant to be my Christmas break project, and I bought handdyed yarn for it especially even though I’m trying to knit down my stash, but I misunderstood the pattern quite substantially so had to rip it back twice, and then once again because I left my needles at my parents and the ones I used instead turned out to be 4mm despite being in a 3.25mm bag, my knitting stuff is so disorganised! Anyway, I’ve got both the pattern worked out and the correct needle size for it now! I think I’ll keep this as my craft group project and do the blanket while I’m at home.

Some possible other projects:

* A moebius/loop scarf out of the rest of the mustard yellow jumper yarn, as requested by my sister

* A tin can knits Sitka Spruce hat and glove set. I got this pattern free in their Christmas giveaway, I feel I should use it!


* The Havina shawl. When I was frustrated with figuring out the dotted rays, I started looking for projects with the same yarn requirements, and this was the one I picked. I don’t even use triangular carves that much but I love knitting them! This might be the project I buy yarn for at the yarn festival in March.


* the Tin Can knits Harvest cardie. I actually have a box of yarn for a jumper/cardie, which I asked for and then never used when the Estelle jumper stalled. If I get around to starting another big project after the blanket, it’ll be this.


I am aware that this is more than I probably have time for if I am going to do some sewing too!

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