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2016 sewing plans

Last week I talked about my knitting plans for 2016, today it’s sewing.

I don’t have any massive ambitions for my sewing this year other than to make clothes I’ll get good wear out of. I’m back at work now so I’d like things I can wear there. We don’t have a formal dress code, and even the informal one seems to mainly be interpreted as suits being only really required when meeting ministers or senior stakeholders. Which hopefully I should be doing a bit more of in my new job, but I don’t think I’m suddenly going to have to start dressing like a lawyer. So I think skirts and separates in reasonably sedate colours should be the way to go. I’ll still be breastfeeding in the morning and after work, so no dresses for the time being, but the way I’m sure it won’t be too long before we’re just down to a couple of feeds a day, so I am tentatively adding some dresses to my plans.

Here’s my definites, where I already have pattern and fabric:

* Tunic length onyx shirt
This is slightly cheating as this was actually my pre-Christmas project, except I didn’t quite finish it so still need to hem the bottom and sleeves. So I am 100% positive I will make this in 2016.

* Floral bluegingerdoll Stella blouse
I actually bought this pattern years ago, but then pregnancies intervened and I never made it. I actually had got as far as printing, assembling and cutting out, which is a bit annoying as now I like to trace for easier storage. I’ll not even bother with a straight out of the envelope thing this time, I’ll go straight for an fba, and maybe some widening at the waist, because ive gone from ‘everything fitted to emphasis the waist’ to actually being proportionally slightly larger round there than the sizing charts for whatever my high bust measurement is. I’m also having a hard time even understanding how to fit a round, soft belly, the measurements are so different depending on where you measure! I’m hoping that in time I’ll get my stomach to at least be a bit firmer and flatter (I hold out no hope for smaller), and making fitting easier is one of my main motivators!

* Named patterns Lexi top in floral spandex

I bought this in their advent calendar sale, I’d been thinking about it for a while, because of the dress that’s also part of the pattern. The dress is lined though, and the top is not, plus I have this random spandex I got for £1/metre in the sew Saturday sales in September, so that’s what I’m making first. I also need to figure out how to do an fba with just vertical darts. I also think I’ll probably want to lengthen it because that length is shorter than in really comfortable with. It will destroy the nice line of the arms and bottom, but if I make it as a crop top, I’ll only be able to wear it on top of things, and might not wear it much.

* Another denim Colette ginger skirt
I thought I had enough fabric left for another one like the one I’ve already made, but what’s left is a bit to narrow so I’ll need to find a way to reduce the flare of the skirt to fit the pieces. I might just make it completely straight, we’ll see

* Light grey Julia cardigan

I bought the fabric for this shortly after I made my first one, I definitely need to go down a size and probably still shorten the sleeves

* Long sleeve onyx in the Donna Wilson fabric. I know I’ve made a squillion onyxes already, but this fabric needs something boxy like that, and I know I can do the onyxes easily now.

Then I also have some projects I have my planned out in as much detail:

* An Emery.
emery-drawingI bought the pattern a long time ago, but again, pregnancy. It’s not the most exciting pattern in the world but I still think it’ll look good even post waist disappearance. I have a few bits of fabric that I’ve bought with if in mind

* assuming the first one works out, more Stellas.

* the Lexi dress.
This is the thing I most want to have, but I also don’t have any fabric for it, so I’m putting it quite low down the list.

* More Plantains.
I wear the ones I’ve made all the time. I’d have to buy more fabric though, so I’m trying to hold off.

And that’s it, though I will probably reorder and add other things, and clearly there’s no way i will get through that list! But you can hope, right?

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  • Jen 12 January 2016, 12:48 pm

    Thanks for introducing me to the Stella and Lexi patterns; not sure why I haven’t seen them before. Maybe with the Lexi top you could colourblock the extra length, to maintain that horizontal line? Jen

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