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Colette violet with straight sleeves

Violet blouse
Violet blouse
Violet blouse
Violet blouse
Violet blouse

Today I’m cheating slightly, as I’ve blogged this Violet blouse before. However. It’s been languishing in the mending/adapting pile for so long it feels like a new thing to me, so there, I’m blogging it again. Anyway, I originally made the version with puff sleeves, which was fine except I pulled the elastic in them too tight so they were really uncomfortable, and also I realised I just don’t like puff sleeves. But too piratical for me. So I set the shirt aside after just a few wears, thinking I’ll take those sleeves in. And then I never did. There was always something new and exciting to make when I had sewing time. I carried the blouse to a sewing day no less than three times, thinking I could fix the sleeves if I finished my main project, but that never happened. Underestimating sewing time is not a problem I have.

So anyway, after about two years of carrying it about I did finally fix the sleeves. If I made this blouse again from scratch I would take the sleeves in a lot and make them into standard fitted sleeves. But given that it was already sewn, I didn’t trust myself to be able to figure out how much I needed to taper the sleeve by, and to get both sleeves to be the same. So I went for the easy way and just made the sleeves the same length up and down. I don’t even think I did get them to be particularly consistent but since they’re still quite baggy you can’t tell (I don’t think?). I ended up shortening them as well, because the bias binding of used for the elastic casing in the puff sleeves was a bit scratchy, so I just chopped it off. The sleeve hems (what is the proper word) are a bit weird, I just made them
completely straight when the sleeve is lying flat, which is probably not what you’re supposed to do, but it was the only way I could think of to make both sleeves the same length while leaving the sleeves attached. So yeah, that was my sleeve surgery.

On the plus side, I actually really like this top! I wasn’t sure about the looseness of it when I first made it, but it’s actually perfect for my new waistless body shape. I’ve worn it to work loads of times! It also could do with being looser around the boobs, but I think it’s ok, and I’m hoping my bra size will go down again post breastfeeding anyway, because the way it is just now makes RTW shirts impossible.

The brooch was a Christmas present. Cute, isn’t it?

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  • Mother of Reinvention 19 January 2016, 7:13 pm

    What a lovely blouse. I think that it looks really pretty and the fabric is great. Xx

  • Jessica 20 January 2016, 6:00 am

    Lovely! I love the fabric, the neckline, the choice of buttons, the colour. How brilliant of you to have made the sleeves work out! It looks fab on you. Over years of experience I have found tops that are fitted through shoulders and bust but then less shaped below, to be a great way of de-emphasising a belly!

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