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Project 52: 5/52

5/52 Ellis

We swapped all the beds round last week so Ellis has the cotbed in his own room (previously he was in a crib in with us), and Milo has the big double bed from the guest room. It’s been super nice to be able to go to bed and get stuff from the bedroom without having to tiptoe around a sleeping baby, although it does mean we’ve lost our craft room for the time being, so no sewing for me for a while unless I move the machine into the kitchen.

5/52 Milo

This picture is from this Friday, which we dedicated to starting toilet training. It was a pretty crap weekend, Dave had the flu (or flu-like symptoms anyway), Ellis was teething and full of the cold, I wasn’t feeling my best either, and storm Gertrude meant we couldn’t even go for a quick run around in the garden. The toilet training itself was much easier than expected though, and by Sunday we had no accidents. Obviously that doesn’t mean that’s it all sorted, but it’s a lot better than I thought it was going to be. So pleased we waited until he was older!

Anyway, the picture was Milo falling asleep after lunch. We generally don’t like him to have a nap, as he has the absolute worst time waking up and it screws up his bedtime, but since we were cooped up and couldn’t distract him by going out, we went with it and let him sleep.

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