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Project 52: 8/52

8/52 Milo

Back in January, Milo’s nursery had planned a trip to the castle which was cancelled due to rubbish weather, so this weekend we went ourselves with his friend and her family. This is one of only two pictures I took and it could really be anywhere, but hey! I had planned to take lots of pictures and do an actual post about the castle, but it was freezing and it does feel a bit weird to be moving five steps forward five steps back all the time trying to get a good angle for a photo with people who aren’t used to it, so I abandoned that idea pretty quickly. The castle museums aren’t really very kid friendly at all (unlike Alnwick for example), so I’m not sure how much they really got out of being there specifically, but they did have a good time running around. They are ‘hiding’ at the top of some steps here.

8/52 Ellis

Here’s Ellis sitting with a circle of toys around him. It’s so nice that he’s able to entertain himself like that now!

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  • Jessica 25 February 2016, 11:20 am

    Ooh, so cute!!!!