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Red Seasalt seafolly jacket

Seasalt jacket
Yellow door
Seasalt jacket
Seasalt jacket
Seasalt jacket

It’s been an awfy long time since I’ve appeared on this blog – I guess I haven’t sewn anything for ages! I have however bought something – this Seasalt jacket! I came across Seasalt on instagram actually, I think someone was wearing their brogues (which are super lovely) and looked them up while I was sitting with Ellis going to sleep. I loved these jackets straight away, I’m a big fan of duffle coats and they are waterproof. My waterproof jacket is both not very nice to look at, and has ripped lining in the hood, you see. So anyway, I got one and I couldn’t be happier. The details are so good and I love that it comes in such a wide range of colours. I’ve worn it every day since.

I also got a couple of their stripy tops, because that’s the kind of thing I wear day in day out, and a lot of my long sleeve tees are worn out to the edge of wearbility now and I think I can justify some new stuff. I’m very impressed with the tops, the fabric is thicker than I’ve seen in a long long time, including from other ethical brands. The white one I’m wearing here isn’t even the slightest bit see through, and that pretty much never happens with white things any more. They’re also a really good lengths. They are supposed to be quite loose fitting, but I would maybe go down a size if I got any more.

Bonus pic – a mostly failed family portrait with masks. Dave’s mum got these for Milo to make, and it seemed like a good idea to have our picture taken, but it really just looks a bit creepy doesn’t it. Probably doesn’t help that Dave has the smallest one!


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