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Me Made May 2016


I wasn’t sure if this warranted a post of its own really, but I’ve decided to take part in this year’s Me Made May. I tried this once before, but I didn’t have enough clothes then. Now I do, I think. Doing washing all the flipping time due to two children helps a lot. I’m going for the standard pledge of one handmade item a day, which hopefully should be a bit of a stretch but not too much. I’m actually not doing it to make me wear my handmade stuff, because I already do a lot, at least some of it. And that’s really the point. I’ve got some handmade stuff that’s really old from what I couldn’t really sew and had no idea about fit, but that I haven’t let go of, because I MADE IT, for god’s sake! So this is a chance for it to get worn one last time before it gets donated, so it can stop taking up space.

Apart from that, I’ve got no particular plans. I’ll maybe aim to sew the lino print dress in May, but we’ll have to see, because I’ve already got an assessment centre for promotion coming up at the beginning of June and prepping for that will obviously take priority. If anyone’s keeping track and thinking oh but she just got promoted in January, you’d be right. But that was a temporary promotion and in their infinite wisdom they’ve now advertised a round of permanent promotions and if I don’t pass this, I might get booted out of my new job even though I seem to be doing a pretty awesome job and my policy area is already at near crisis point without having to train up yet another new person. But there you go, that’s the civil service for you, fair and open recruitment. (Sorry, that was quite a long aside. Back to the clothes now).

Randomly, the start of MMM has coincided with a group of wardroberemix old timers regrouping on Facebook so I’ve started taking outfit photos again so that’s easing me into MMM documentation. It’s actually really fun when you stop trying to get pictures to be the best quality and just take a picture quickly. I’ve mostly taken them downwards selfie style, because the light around my mirror for some reason is terrible and my work bathroom is yellow, and I am vain enough to not want those out there for public consumption. But then top down pics don’t really show the clothes that well. I may try to persuade Dave to take pictures of me instead, we’ll have to see!

Incidentally, outfit here is memade top (sleeveless onyx), fragile (belgian maternity brand) cardigan, sainsburies jeans, gifted necklace and earrings. Was wearing Clarks brogues but picture is my slippers.

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  • Mother of Reinvention 23 April 2016, 1:37 pm

    Oh dear, that must be really stressful waiting to hear about your job. Best of luck when the interviews roll round. I do love the colour combinations between your Onyx and your cardie. I was thinking of MMM too but just don’t have enough stuff. Maybe next year (I told myself that last year too). 🙂 Xx
    Mother of Reinvention recently posted..The Blocks of Boredom: Patchwork on Location with LeliaMy Profile

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