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Onyx in dress form

Onyx shirt hack dress
Onyx shirt hack dress
Onyx shirt hack dress
Onyx shirt hack dress
Onyx shirt hack dress

A new sewn thing! And of course, it’s the thing I always make, aka paprika pattern onyx shirt, this time lengthened into an oversized dress. The reason doing this (rather than tackling my many many other planned projects, I do have them) was that I wanted something with minimal shaping to use my hand printed fabric I made in my Lino printing class for.

When Dave first saw it he want ‘oh a tent’ and then said he thought it looked like a dress Little My would wear. Which is actually kind of what I was going for, a Marimekko type tent thing, so I am not taking it as the piss take it was supposed to be. It actually looks exactly how I want it from the front.

The back is another measure and maybe more experienced sewers will some advice for me? Let me tell you what I did! I started off with the tunic length onyx and added 7cms to the hips (on top of whatever I’d already added for the tunic which I didn’t write down) on both back and front pieces. I then drew a straight line from just under the bust to that 7cm point and drew parallel to the bottom edge (so keeping the slight hi-lo-ness, which you can’t see due to the size of my bum) at a point that seemed sensible.

The problem was the back. There was just way too much fabric and it did look pretty questionable. My fix was to add an inverted box pleat at the back. I sewed together around 10cms starting from waist level upwards. On the dress form this looked pretty good, and it is definitely an improvement when I’m wearing it as well, it provides some shaping and works well with the Kim Kardashian style bum I’ve got these days. The problem is the top above the pleat. Once on, this just all started crumpling into a big mess, as you can see from the photos. There is still plenty excess fabric, and I’m not 100% sure why that is. Obviously I did add width, but only below the bust, and even then it only starts being substantial amounts by the time you get to waist level. And I never had this excess at the top of the back in any of my tops, and it should be the same? I’m really unsure what to do. I could maybe extend the pleat up further the back, I think there’s enough extra there that I would still be able to get it over my head. Or maybe the problem is that I tried to add a length of pleat in the first place, and maybe it would have been better to just sew if down at one point, and not try to have the top more closely fitting? Can you tell I have no idea what I’m doing? But I’m giving it a shot! Any advice gratefully received!

Anyway, I do actually like this dress as it is and will be wearing it! I just want make sure I get it right before I start cutting into the handprinted fabric. The fabric I used here is a Lucille Day print for the John Lewis 150 year anniversary, and it’s a nice medium-light cotton. The handprinted stuff is a slightly heavier cotton, which probably makes the edges of the pleat even less workable.

P.s. I am not asking Milo to be in my pictures, he is just obsessed with the self-time!

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  • Helen 19 April 2016, 9:07 pm

    Hmmm, I’m not sure about this. Could you try sewing the pleat from higher up (to where the excess fabric starts)? Might be worth pinning/tacking it to see. In terms of future versions though, I don’t know. You maybe just don’t need all the width that you added at the back? Maybe it’s a swayback type thing? Sorry, appreciate that’s not particularly helpful. I will have a think.

    Love the fabric!