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Project 52: 14/52


We’ve had a bit of a nightmare weekend. Ellis is starting nursery next week when Dave goes back to work and had his settles last week and promtly picked up a vomiting bug as is tradition. He was better by Friday, so we thought we’d got away with it, but that was not to be, and we all got ill after one another.

So anyway, these pictures were taken on Sunday, when had stopped being sick, but were still really exhausted so stayed inside all day. Here’s Milo showing off his name that he’s just written. He sometimes struggles a bit with the whole left to right thing and just puts the letters wherever and often on top of each other, so this is pretty good going.


Ellis taking apart the dolls house. Also, he bumshuffled to get there, or at least we assume he did, because he was last seen sitting a couple of metres away. Still no forward crawling though, only backwards!

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