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Project 52: 15/52

15/52 Ellis

Milo got ‘star of the week’ at nursery this week, which doesn’t really seem to be on account of anything in particular, but means he got to take Madison the knitted rabbit home, and we have to record her adventures in a special book. I took a million phone photos, some of which are on instagram, but thought I’d do the weekly photos with her too, because why not.

Both photos were taken in the Dovecot studios cafe (which I highly recommend by the way). Ellis finally fell asleep after about an hour and a half in the rucksack, five minutes before we go there, and then of course promptly woke up about twenty seconds after this picture was taken.

He was good though, which is good after the week and a half he’s been having. His sickness bug dragged on and on and on Friday I took him to the doctors who told us that sickness bugs often result in temporary lactose intolerance. We stopped the dairy and got lactose free formula and the difference was instant! We’ll keep him off it for two weeks and then slowly reintroduce.

I almost didn’t go to the doctors because when Milo had his epic starting nursery vomfest, the doctor told us there’s nothing we could do and just had to wait and keep trying so I wasn’t expecting anything, but man am I glad I went. I don’t know if this is a new discovery or what, or if I was just lucky to get a better doctor this time (we are at a massive multi-GP surgery so rarely see the same person), but man am I glad we went! So just putting this info here for any parents or future parents because I certainly didn’t know about it.

15/52 Milo

And here’s Milo about to throw Madison off a ledge in the cafe.

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