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Diagonal pleat top

diagonal pleat top
diagonal pleat top
diagonal pleat top
diagonal pleat top

A sewing post! I actually made this a while ago, and even attempted to get pictures on our first trip to North Berwick at the beginning of the month, but then made the rookie mistake of having lunch first and spilling ketchup in myself. Anyway I got them now!

If I was pretentious I would say this top was self-drafted. It started with this dress I tried on in John Lewis. I wouldn’t really have done anything about recreating it, but I put it on instagram, and so many people chimed in, including Deborah, who drew me diagrams and everything, which spurred me on.


The way I did it was to fold up some drafting paper with a pointy pleat, and then lay my trusty tunic length onyx on top of it, and then unfolded it. In all the excitement with the pleat I forgot to sew the darts into the top, so its not as shaped around the boobs as I would want it to. It was a bit trial and error, and when I first finished the top, I left the pleat open all the way, but it didn’t hold its shape at all, so I sewed it down over past the bust. Which works pretty well. These photos are not the most flattering, which is partly because they were taken from above, and partly because that is just the way it looks. But it is so comfortable, so who cares!

This is what it looks like close up:


Now you might notice how this doesn’t actually look like the inspiration dress. And that’s because the pleat is the wrong way round. If I’d thought about it properly I would have worked this out but alas I did not, and I didn’t notice it was wrong until the stripes started going the wrong way I do have another bit of fabric with a similar sort of vaguely downwards striped print, but I’m not sure I’ll actually make one the right way round, because that would leave me with three layers of fabric around the neckline.

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  • Lorena 30 June 2016, 2:26 pm

    I like it ! Its not a common design.
    I have not sewn anything lately as I cannot find a repair man for my 1960s Singer.

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