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Me made May reflections

memade may

Better late than never, eh! Here’s what I learnt from this years Me made May:

  • This has been easier than I thought it would be, I could quite happily keep going wearing a memade thing every day forever. I didn’t even wear everything I had.
  • My recent sewing has been focused on making tops (let’s face it, onyxes and plantains) and that’s exactly what I plan on continuing. I wear all my tops all the time, memade may or not, but had to make much more of an effort with the skirts and dresses. Which is partly because most skirts are just that tiny bit too small to be comfortable, but also because I really like wearing trousers these days, for cycling related reasons and for ease.
  • I have no plans to sew trousers though, too complicated, too many fitting issues. I am quite content just making relative basics just now. I guess at some point I will get bored and want to do more complex things, but right now my sewing time is so limited, stuff that doesn’t take too long is perfect.
  • With that in mind, I’ve subscribed to Seamwork. I don’t think most of these patterns are massively original, but they are actually exactly what I would like to sew just now, and $6 for two patterns isn’t exactly expensive.
  • Any recommendations for good patterns? I’ve only got the Akita so far. Thinking probably Mesa next.
  • One drawback of wearing all my memades all the time is that it creates and awful lot of ironing. With that in mind, I think I should make more things from synthetic and knit fabrics that don’t need ironing. Shame my favourite fabrics are almost always 100% cottons
  • This exercise has helped me say goodbye to quite a few things that just weren’t right any more. There’s a few other ones I think I want to donate, but not until I’ve replaced them

That’s all I can think of just now!

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