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Project 52: 23/52

23/52 Ellis

Have a brick, Bertie!

23/52 Milo

Milo and his special bike! He’s been talking about getting a bike with pedals for a while and our neighbours had this one that their boys had outgrown in their garage, (fair warning: poo based chat ahead) but then we tied it to him doing poos in the toilet, because even though he’s been trained for ages we still put nappies on at night cos we’re losing enough sleep with Ellis as it is without having to supervise toilet trips, and every night he’d wait until we put his nappy on and he’d immediately do a poo. We got him to do a couple in the toilet when we first promised the bike, but then still another month or so passed before he finally decided he was actually going to do it. But when he did, he really did, and completed his poo reward chart (yes, we made one of those) in two days flat! (poo chat over now!) Anyway, he’s quite some way from riding the bike yet, he hasn’t go the strength to push the pedals properly, so we’re practicing in the garden at the moment,

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