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Project 52: 25/52

This was last week’s post, it was scheduled for Monday but never posted. Presumably the server going down again. So annoying when that happens! Only noticed it wasn’t there just now, so might as well post straight away.

These photos were when went to North Berwick for the second time in less than two weeks.

25/52 Ellis

Ellis was bumshuffling around the beach for about an hour, and loving it! He was determined to get all the way to the water, and we had to keep scooping him up before he got there.

26/52 Milo

Milo catching the frisbee (or not, possibly) on the green while we were waiting for our takeaway fish and chips. Note Ellis’ bum in the background as he’s standing up.

I took a million more family photos, so they will get a post of their own. But these are my favourites/most in keeping with the project 52.

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