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Some ramblings on capsule wardrobes, and colours, and stuff

Last week I went to a blogger event with colour elements. I don’t usually go to blogger events because my childcare brownie points are precious, but I made an exception for this because I am fascinated by all things colour theory and consistent colour palettes (sp?). I wrote years and years ago about building a capsule wardrobe around three colours, which is actually this blog’s most visited post! (It is cited in the Wikipedia entry for capsule wardrobe). At the time I really wasn’t ready for actually living with a capsule wardrobe, but it seemed (and seems) like an excellent approach if you can pull it off. As I’ve got older, and busier, and happier with just wearing the same thing over and over again, I’m coming round to a smaller wardrobe though. I’m also less happy to wear worn out fabrics, and I’ve gone up two dress sizes since pre-kids, so have sold or donated a lot. I think the amount of clothes I have is now a bit more normal, and I’m actually starting to think about filling holes and building something a bit more coherent with my sewing. I actually did some thinking around how I might do this a couple of years ago, at which point I made myself a little graphic with the colours for me. Here it is!

colour scheme for a wardrobe

So anyway, colour elements! It’s an approach to working out what colours suit you, but it’s designed to be less time consuming than (and not as expensive) the traditional colour me beautiful approach. You get assigned into one of four elements (hence the name), earth, fire, water or air. As part of the event we got a little chat with Karen, the founder of the company, she took one look at me and went ‘yup, earth’. Which is quite reassuring because the earth colours are pretty much exactly what I had stuck into my personal palette! I know what I like and what works for me I guess!

Colour elements has a free app that show you all the colours, and you can mix and match them to try out combos. The idea is that you can take it with you when shopping to hold against clothes (or in my case, fabrics) to see if they fit. Or you could just spend ages messing about making little pictures, hehe!

earth colours

Finally a little shout out to the shop where the event was held, kakao by K on thistle street. I’d never been to that shop before, I’d always assumed it was way out of my price range, but actually it’s a mix of prices. The concept of the shop is Scandinavian design (the owner Karina is Danish), so it’s mostly good quality neutrals – and the loveliest jewellery. This is the dress I had my eye on, I’m hoping to find the time to go and try it on. I’m not sure it will work on me, my boobs may spoil the horizontal line in the middle, and I’m never quite sure if oversized is a silhouette that works on me or not! It would look amazing on a more straight shaped person anyway!


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  • Helen 17 July 2016, 5:46 pm

    This sounds really interesting, and I’d forgotten about this shop. I used to shop there a bit pre-kids. In fact last week I found a ring that I got from there, and lost 2 years ago!!! I must go back and take a look. Glad to hear their jewellery is still good.

    • Franca 24 July 2016, 2:53 pm

      I still haven’t made it back! How nice that you found the ring again!

  • Lorena 18 July 2016, 9:45 pm

    An App that shows you how to match makes sense!
    A lot more than hunting Pokemons 😉

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