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What I Wore: Ice cream colours and fimo beads

ice cream colours
fimo beads

I had been hoping to be able to show you a new sewing project this week, but I didn’t get it finished before the weekend, so today its a bit of a retro style outfit post. With the nice weather we’ve been having, my uniform of jeans has been too hot, and I’ve been able to bring out the dresses without tights. It feels very novel, even about three weeks into it, because many a summer has passed without tight-free weather at all! This is a vintage dress which just about still fits despite being a size 36!*

Fimo beads

The other thing about this is the necklace made from fimo beads. I’ve been making beads in an effort to use up craft material randomly dotted around the house (mostly gifts), including this fimo. I tried to make interesting shapes and sizes with my first batch, but actually the ones I like best are chunky simple round ones. They have a really satisfying weight to them when you roll them around in your hand. It’s also a really good brainless craft to do in front of the tv. I’m actually considering buying more fimo, which sort of wasn’t the idea!

* actually, looking at the photos I admit it doesn’t exactly look like it should around the upper half. But I can put it on and its comfortable!

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