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Project 52: 32/52

32/52 MILO
32/52 Ellis

It was the first weekend of the festival just now, and on Saturday we went to check out the bbc tent in its new location in george heriots school. I think it’ll be less busy, because you’re much less likely to stumble past there by mistake. They have all these free shows that are being recorded for radio or tv – when we were there there was some new comedy awards thing for radio 4 on – but we just like to go for the kids corner with toys and books and stuff. Milo might even be old enough for some of the activities they’ve got on this year, but on Saturday we really just hung out. Ellis hadnt been very well with mystery something or other and had had a terrible morning crying and looking super tired but not sleeping, but perked up a bit when we went outside. He’d got a hold of a balloon on a stick from one of the other families that were there and was quite happily wandering around waving it about. He does still look extremely tired in that photo though!

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