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The August Break

The August Break kind of snuck up on my this month, I missed the advance announcement on Susannah’s blog and I guess the new instagram algorithms (damn them!) decided not to show me the instagram post, and there seems to be fewer people on my instagram/blog reader doing it this year, so I didn’t actually notice it was happening until day 5 or so. Anyway, I’ve decided to use the prompts take the rest of the month off from proper posting and schedule everything in advance. We’re going on holiday next week so this will save me from rushing around. Given I’m scheduling it all, I will be sharing other people’s pictures, which is nice every now and then as well!

Oh and I’ll still do the Project 52 on Mondays so I don’t fall behind with that.

So, without further ado, here’s my pic for today’s prompt, yellow

Yellow boat
Photo is clickable for source

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