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What I Wore: Grey and Red

grey and red
grey and red

So apparently I am doing outfit posts again now! This is by far the most sustained bit of nice weather we’ve had in years! It even got a bit too hot for me for a few days there! (It was about 22 degrees by the way, not exactly roasting but I’ve clearly acclimatised to Scotland). Anyway, the nice weather means I don’t have to wear tights and that makes me want to wear dresses! I even got some new sandals, this is my second pair of saltwaters and the others (navy) are the first sandals I’ve ever had that didn’t give me blisters at least initially.

I feel like I am slightly overdressed here for just going to the botanics, and the fact that these pictures are outside a church makes it seem vaguely weddingy, but that’s just where the bus stop is and we had just missed the bus and had 15 minutes to kill, so I made Dave take a few quick pictures and then Milo wanted to be in them of course. That picture with him is my current Facebook profile picture!

And in the interest of retro style outfit postage I’m gonna tell you where my clothes are from!

Dress – I made it! I really love this pattern and I probably should make another one, but I made it in a class and never looked at the instructions, which are for a lined dress, so I don’t feel too confident. The pattern is Vogue 8615
Shoes – Saltwater
Brooch – Materialised

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  • Janet 4 August 2016, 7:50 pm

    Love to hear anything about Edinburgh.