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Seamwork Akita in Donna Wilson Fabric

Seamwork Akita in Donna Wilson
Seamwork Akita in Donna Wilson
Seamwork Akita in Donna Wilson

Sewing post! I made this ages and ages ago when the weather was still nice and then saved it for taking the pictures (I weirdly always do this, take pictures on the first wear), when it wasn’t really the weather any more, hence cardie. Also the windiest day and a reluctant photographer, so no back and side views.

Pattern: Seamwork Akita

Fabric: 1.5 metres Donna Wilson cotton with little oranges! This is one of those really weird fabrics that have got a massive white border (like about 15cms wide) on one side. So this was actually quite a good match for the long narrow shape of this pattern. I definitely didn’t have another top’s worth of this left (like I did with my first Akita), I used the scraps for bunting and that was it all used up, so didn’t feel so wasteful.

Size: Almost the same as my first attempt, size 8 shoulders, FBA, size 12/14 hips. Only change I made from first one is that I added on an extra 2cms at the hips to the front pattern piece.

Adjustments: FBA, grading between sizes

Good bits: All of it except the darts.

Bad bits: I got a bubble on one of my darts! This has NEVER happened to me before, and I have sewn a lot of darts. it’s funny, because I was on GOMI Craft and people were talking about the poor fitting and finishing on Colette samples and how there was a visible dart bubble on one of the samples shown on their blog, and several people were going ‘I’m a beginner and this doesn’t happen to me’, and I guess I thought the same. Then of course I get one on this! I had already finished the edges with bias binding by the time I realised though, so decided to just leave it rather than unpick. It’s one of those things only sewers would even notice anyway, and it’s not going to put me off wearing it.

Worn: Only for the photos so far, but that was only on Saturday. I wear the red one all the time so I think I will this too. I like the long length!

Will you make this again? I think I’m done with this pattern for the moment, as there are so many other things I want to make.

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  • Helen 28 September 2016, 8:27 pm

    The shape and colour of this really suits you. Where did you get Donna Wilson fabric?! It’s lovely.

    • Franca 29 September 2016, 9:52 am

      Thank you! The fabric was from John Lewis in the sale. They had loads of it. I’ve also got 1.5 metres of a more full on orange and green one.

  • Ruth MacGilp 12 October 2016, 8:11 pm

    I just bought a new sewing machine and looking to start some new projects, this looks great, any other suggestions?

    Ruth xxx

    • Franca 13 October 2016, 7:18 pm

      My favourite pattern is the onyx shirt by paprika patterns, I’ve made like 6 so far