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Seamwork Mesa

Seamwork Mesa
Seamwork Mesa
Seamwork Mesa
Seamwork Mesa
Seamwork Mesa
Seamwork Mesa

So I will say from the off this is not my finest work, and that’s in the context of lots of other not very fine work. But you know, I’m beginner enough that the excitement of I MADE A THING! is still enough to make me be proud of it, no matter how rubbish.

I thought I might try to do this as a series of questions the way people used to do a lot.

Pattern: Seamwork Mesa

Fabric: Scuba jersey from Mandors, pretty cheap. 1.5m I think? I really like this, it’s nicely weighty and structured, which is the only way I could wear this pattern, a thinner fabric would reveal my stomach situation too much. However, I wonder if the fabric is partly to blame for the awfulness of the neckline. Which we’ll get to below.

Size: I made the straight size L based on my measurements, though this was clearly a mistake!

Adjustments: Narrowed the neckband slightly in my second attempt

Good bits: The hemming is pretty tidy by my standards. I didn’t use a double needle (confession: because I haven’t got round to working out how to thread it), but the lines are parallel, which for me is some kind of miracle. I also like the little slits at the side of the dress, which you can’t really see in these pictures

Bad bits: That neckline. What you see is my second attempt, the first one was even worse if that is possible. I originally thought that it was just that the neckband was too long, so I unpicked and remeasured and recut. I had intended to shorten it after my first attempt, but I measured and the pattern piece is actually 85% of the neckline on the bodice, so I decided not to. I did narrow it by a cm, which helped very slightly. The neckband still sticks out, but because it’s narrower it’s not quite as bad. The other thing that may have caused all of this is that the fabric is obviously quite heavy and not *that* stretchy (though there’s a tester and it stretches further than it needs to for that). The main issue though isn’t actually with the neckband as such, it’s that the entire top is just too big, the neckline practically goes over my shoulders. I gather an excessively big neckline is a common problem with colette patterns

Worn: twice so far, for the photos then once more. I think I will wear it occasionally because I do really like the fabric, though ideally I’ll work out a way of covering up all the messiness while still showing the dress.

Will you make this again? I’d like to. I have some wool mix jersey that would be great, though m stomach isn’t really in a position to make it in a proper stretchy fabric, so we’ll see. If I do, i will cut a M for the shoulders and an XS for the neckline.

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  • Monkeysocks 14 September 2016, 9:04 pm

    I ready like it! And you look happy wearing it- always a good sign! I hate it when necklines dont cooperate! Could you take darts out of the neckline pointing towards your armpits-sort of adding in raglan sleeve seams? If you did that at the front and back you would pull the neckline in a lot.

  • Jessica 22 September 2016, 9:20 am

    The dress is great on you! I want to second Monkeysocks’ suggestion of taking darts out of the neckline, it’s really worth making this one that little bit better as it’s so good already!

  • Knitlass 28 October 2016, 6:17 pm

    The neckband problem is hard to see in detail from the photos (so hard to diagnose). Do you think it’s the length of the neckband that’s the issue, or is it the right lentgth but just flipping out? There are lots of good tutorials for neckbands around and it might be worth considering finishing it with another fabric. I know it’s a pain to redo things which are already finished, but on the other hand it’s a lovely frock and worth spending a bit of time to make it even nicer. ???

    • Franca 29 October 2016, 6:07 pm

      I don’t think it’s the length of the band, I think it’s a combination of the actual neckline just being way too big and the weight/lack of stretchiness of the fabric. When I first made it, I thought I could live with it, but actually I have not worn it since the summer, so I think you’re right, I should undo and try again.

      Sorry no close up pictures, was reliant on tripod and self timer and just couldn’t get close ups to work.