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Bamboo Julia Cardigan

Julia cardigan
Julia cardigan
Julia cardigan

Bit more sewing. I made this during a recent sewing blogger meet up in Glasgow which started as an instagram conversation between Helen, Kathryn and Jen, which was shamelessly hijacked by myself and others and then Jen organized a proper meet up at the Stitchery. I made this entire thing (including the cutting, with some help from Amy) on that day, so for once I know exactly how long it took me: 4 hours. The sewing day was for 5 hours, and I finished half an hour before the end, and I reckon I had about half an hour of lunch, swap and chatting. Maybe more. I’m pretty pleased with that! It was such a fun afternoon, so nice to be with like minded people and to get some proper sewing done without feeling like you’re being anti social.

Here’s everyone (note accidental organisation by height in the middle there):

stitchery meet up

And here’s the details on the cardie:

Pattern: Mouse House creations Julia cardigan, bought as part of a pattern parcel.

Fabric: 2.5 metres of bamboo jersey, I love it so. It’s £14/metre but it’s so easy to cut and sew with and did you know bamboo is naturally antibacterial? I always wonder if this is actually true, but I think it must be, because I can keep wearing it without it getting smelly. Same with my (non-me-made) bamboo leggings. I made the doubled over version this time, which is very fabric intensive, but it was worth it, because that circular hem nearly killed me on my first version.

Size: I’ve made this previously, in a L when I was pregnant. I went down to a M this time

Adjustments: I shortened the sleeves by an unknown number of centimeters (I helpfully wrote down ‘shortened slightly’. Thanks, past Franca). When I finished this I thought they were still too long but actually they are fine.

Good bits: I had a poor start when I managed to mangle both my cuff pieces, but after that it went swimmingly. It was nice to use the lighting stitch, which I don’t have on my machine at home.

Bad bits: Two very embarrassing mistakes. Firstly, all bits are cut the wrong way round, except the cuffs, and that’s only because I had to recut them after destroying them at the start. It’s really silly, Amy helped me cut and we had a discussion about which way the fabric was and everything but somehow managed to get it wrong anyway because we thought the selvedge was what it wasn’t. I honestly don’t even know what I was thinking, it’s quite obvious when looking at the wee knit stitches, which was what I did when recutting the cuffs. Luckily, the fabric has really good four way stretch so it doesn’t matter, but still! The other embarrassing thing is that I failed to change the needle before I started, and just used whatever was in the machine, which was presumably a universal one, not a stretch one. Apart from the cuff destruction it doesn’t seem to have made any difference though – phew!

Worn: Lots and lots and lots of times. Pretty much daily for a straight week – and I still haven’t had to wash it. I’m telling you – bamboo!

Will you make this again? I hadn’t planned to make it again, given that it uses so much fabric but I would quite like to make one with the pattern pieces the right way round. I do like to get patterns to a place where I have at least one version that is right.

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