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Laptop woes and Kannelbullar

Swedish cinnamon bun

So Monday is Project 52 day, and clearly there wasn’t a Project 52 yesterday. This is because my (8 year old and running fine until it collapsed completely!) laptop has packed it in, which means I have no way of getting photos off my big camera, and certainly no way of editing them (I do have a work laptop, but can’t install anything on it, and given non-Mac touchpad I hate using it without a mouse, which means it’s not actually suitable for using atop a lap). My proper laptop is away at the repair shop just now, I should find out tomorrow what the damage is – it’s looking vaguely hopeful that it might be a straightforwardish fix. But in the meantime I am slr photo less, and obviously the bulk of this blog is photo based. In a way this might be an opportunity to write some wordier post like I used to – and I do have ideas. It’s just that they take more time and head space to write, which in not sure I’ve got just now/will have for at l least another couple of years. So things may be a bit dead round here until the laptop situation is resolved. Wish me luck!

In he meantime, here’s an iPhone photo of the one of the Kanelbullar Dave made. It’s using this recipe, it’s a bit of a saga with two proving periods, and he misread the instructions a bit, so they aren’t glazed, but they taste delicious anyway! Both Milo and I have demanded that he make more!

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  • Lorena 4 October 2016, 8:23 pm

    Good luck dear Franca ! In the meantime you can enjoy the home baked goods 🙂