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Seven nineties songs

I recently did the 90s music challenge that’s being going round facebook, where you pick a song from the nineties every day for a week. It’s been really fun remembering all the music and trying to figure out what was nineties and what was noughties (I started uni in 1999, so only really had three months of nineties for that). Dave has been getting into it to and we had a night where we played youtube videos to each other all night. I’d not seen the videos for some of these songs before! It was really hard narrowing it down to seven, so thought I’d share them on here too.

Pulp – Babies

Like everyone else, I got into Pulp with Different Class, but I quickly branched out into the older albums (I even attempted to listen to the first three albums, but even my Jarvis Cocker worship couldn’t get me into them). I became obsessed with this song and spend my entire clubgoing days requesting it wherever there was a DJ taking requests. They sometimes played it in the egg, though they usually favoured Do You Remember the First Time? I don’t listen to it often now, but it comes on 6Music sometimes and it always makes me happy!

Sleater Kinney – I Wanna be Your Joey Ramone

I didn’t get into Sleater Kinney properly until much later, when I got their whole back catalogue in the run up to No Cities to Love and seeing them at Oran Mor on that tour. They are one of my favourite bands now, I go back to them a lot for cycling music. I also ready Carrie Brownstein’s book recently, it was so good. I have read a few music books that ended up just being tedious name dropping (looking at you, Kim Gordon), but I think you’d enjoy this book even if you’d never heard any of the music. But I did listen to this song a lot because it was on the soundtrack to this film All Over Me, which I loved, both the film and the soundtrack. I have no idea how I even came across that film, but it’s so lovely, and it’s about girls in bands, with lots of riot grrrl style music. There’s actually places online where you can watch it for free, so I may have to do that

Dee Lite – Groove Is in the Heart

Just a fantastic song to dance to. I love the dad dancing in the guys in the video in particular. I’m generally a fan of anything that involves people doing unskilled and enthusiastic dancing.

Tricky – Hell is Round the Corner

I was between this and Portishead’s Glory Box, which sample the same song, but eventually went for this to represent the Trip Hop genre (of which I seem to be the world’s only long term fan). I actually remember the first time I heard this song. I had recorded something on video (!) and there was this advert for Superga on that used this song. I was amazed that it sampled the same thing as Glory Box, which I had on high rotation. This was before the days of widespread internet, so it took me a while to find out what it was. I’ve been trying to find a video of this advert, but sadly without success. It was in black and white and had a boy walking down a church, that’s all I remember. It was definitely Superga, but I’ve only ever seen that advert on that video tape and nowhere else.

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

This was the last song I’d picked (I’d already decided on the final two), and it was quite a random choice from my very long shortlist, but it’s a good one. I’d never actually seen the video for this before, it reminds me of the flight of the conchords since it has the safety strips (see the hiphopopotamus and the rhymnoceros) and the boxy robots (Robots), I wonder how much of a direct inspiration it was. I actually had a Beastie Boys poster from this album (the three of them in a sardine tin) all throughout my teenage years. I wasn’t even that big a fan (though I did/do like them obviously), but I liked the design and I picked it up free in a record shop, which was always an achievement. There was nowhere in Luxembourg where you could buy posters like that (pre-internet, see), but the shop would put the promo stuff they didn’t use in a bucket for people to take and you had to visit often and be quick. I also got a Tricky one from the second album, a Hooverphonic one when they were just called Hoover, and a Portishead cardboard thingy. I loved them all and they were up until my parents redecorated my room in their house.

Bjork – Human Behaviour

Around 1992, my parents got a satellite dish and I had MTV for the first time (back then, it was actually music TV, not weird reality TV TV), and I watched it a lot – that’s how I got so into English, actually. There are lots of other songs from that era that were on heavy rotation and I get excited about from having seen the video so many times, of varying quality but this song and it’s wonderful video (directed by Michael Gondry) has stood the test of time I think, and started my love of Bjork. I’ve never understood why she is supposed to be so OMG weird, these early songs in particular are really accessible!

Suede – Animal Nitrate

I saved this to the end, another one of the indie bands I got into around 1996, but then got the back catalogue, and it was the debut album I became really obsessed with and listened on repeat. I probably still know all the words to all the songs on this, and spent hours and hours on a suede online forum thing, ah the early says of the internet. I found the whole damon albarn Justine Frischman – Brett Anderson love triangle thing very intriguing. I’d never seen the video for this before, Brett Anderson looks about 15 in it. I used to work with someone whose first single was this, if that was the case for me I’d never shut up about it!

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  • Helen 24 October 2016, 8:44 pm

    Excellent choices!! Babies is my favourite Pulp song. For my Dad’s 70th birthday recently, we all did Desert Island Discs and I had Babies on there.

    I’m also pleased that you managed to avoid the ubiquitous (and overrated, imo) Oasis. 😉

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