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My style evolution

This started out as a quick outfit post, but ended up a bit of a trip down memory lane for me!

Some of you may know that I started this blog way back when (2008) because of the wardrobe remix Flickr group where you would post outfit photos pictures and it was the nicest community. I loved that group for the time of my life I was in. I joined it around 2005, when I was doing my masters, and kept up for a years, until Flickr stopped being a social network really. After my masters I started working for the government, I was young and finally in secure employment after lots of studying and random jobs. I put A LOT of effort into my outfits back then, following the unwritten ‘rules’ of WR, which were:

  • Clothing as an expression of creativity
  • wearing same clothes but wearing them in different combos – aka ‘remixing’ – with no repeats
  • thrifted was best. The cheaper, the better. I spent SO much time in charity shops back then!

What this meant in terms of my style was: All the colours, layering of everything (more unique combinations that way) and a liberal use of accessories. I have literally hundreds of vintage scarves (I got a lot of those as a oner from a swap group on flickr – 1 kilo’s worth!). I also favoured a fitted waist because back then my waist was disproportionately small (sob!). Here’s a fairly typical examples from 2012 (the photo quality of the proper old ones just wasn’t up to it)

red yellow and green

I am so far removed from all of that now. It hasn’t been an overnight process but a slow transition due to a change in my lifestyle and the general trends around me (or the trends among those that went through this with me. Who knows what the young’uns are up to these days really, e.g. sharpie eyebrows will never not look odd to me). My priorities now are:

  • Easy to crouch down in, cycle in, run over an uneven surface in
  • Does not contain anything that may in any way seem like a toy to a one and a half year old
  • Looks good while taking minimum time and thought to put on. Mix and matchable pieces that don’t need other things (like particular shoes) to go with them
  • Fits with what others around me are wearing. I don’t really rely on my clothes too much for my identity now, I’m quite happy blending in

I basically wear a version of this best machine embroidery designs and pretty much every day now – extra stretchy skinny jeans, minimal accessories, some kind of nice top. I have four pairs of jeans that I rotate, dark, mid-blue, grey and one pair in a navy non-denim fabric. I only very occasionally wear dresses now, sometimes when I’m not cycling to work, which isn’t very often. Plus I don’t even need that many jeans to be honest, because with two kids, we need to do washing 4 times a week minimum or things go totally out of control, so I could really live with quite a small number of clothes (true fact: I was working from home today (Wednesday) and we’ve run the machine four time today alone, and the dryer three times, though two of the washes were to rewash the stuff I’d done on Monday but had forgotten to hang up so went fusty, and one was because Ellis was sick in his bed). There’s actually a blog post from years ago on here somewhere where I’m expressing bafflement that people seem to do washing all the time, and saying that I need a lot of clothes because otherwise I’d have to do washing at less than full loads. Ah, childless past Franca, you had no idea!

Anyway, back to the clothes, this is a version of the jeans based uniform, but notable because I’d never worn the jumper before. I got it from Oxfam in the summer, I don’t really go charity shopping anymore, but I get my shampoo from Oxfam, so will usually have a wee scoot round for old times sake, and happened across this. It’s Swedish, menswear, and pure wool and I love the yoke design. It’s very warm hence why I haven’t worn it until the current cold spell. I am determined not to shrink this one as I usually do with woolies. I may even handwash it!

It's still autumn!
Note to self: do not attempt to take pictures in midday sun in partly shady spot, even in November. Do not attempt to make reluctant husband take your picture, because you get one shot and that is it. Those beautiful trees were hard to resist though, and hopefully make up somewhat for the terrible lighting situation.

close up
Lighting even worse in this close up. Meant to take one lying flat in even light when I got home but never did

Anyway, that’s enough random chat for now! I’m not even supposed to be blogging as I’ve got an assessment center next week that I need to prepare for, but I got a bit carried away

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  • Lorena 24 November 2016, 4:53 pm

    The first outfit picture must have been from the time I started to follow you !
    Incredible how much time has gone by and how priorities change 😉
    Lorena recently posted..The LariatMy Profile

  • Jessica 25 November 2016, 9:43 am

    Wardrobe remix is how I started reading your blog! I followed links to the blogs of those remixers whose outfits I most admired, and those usually coincided with people whose writing was interesting to me. I’m pretty sure your the only ex-w_r-er I read who still blogs.
    I am interested in how you feel about your style shift, as I dress pretty similarly to how you used to dress but have never stopped. I’ve never had an office job but do have four weans without noticeable effect on my wardrobe. Ok, I lie: when my first was born I realised that there was no point in ever not wearing what I felt like or ‘saving’ things, but that I should just go for it as real life is right now. So then I started wearing the fun outfits every day instead of only if there was an excuse. The only change as I’ve aged I guess has been less patience for things that are really bad quality, or not comfortable. Do you miss how you used to dress? Does it feel like a phase which is behind you, or are you just currently in a phase of easier clothes until your kids are big enough to be unlikely to ruin things?
    Anyway, you still post really nice outfits, if less unusual ones! I hope you don’t find my comment annoying or rude, my intentions are pure!

    • Franca 25 November 2016, 1:01 pm

      Not at all! I’d like to think I’ll get back to it, but I’m not sure I will. A couple of things I’ve not talked about is 1. mental effort of thinking up the outfits. I used to really think about it a lot but between the kids and having a more demanding job, I just don’t have the mindspace 2. if I’m perfectly honest, it’s having put on weight. I lot of the clothes from back then don’t fit me any more, so my raw materials are gone, and I’m still not quite in a place where I 100% accept that this is now my size forever.

      Re the WRers, all the ones I followed have stopped. Tricia bits and bobbins still has a blog I think, but it’s quilting stuff every few months. That whatiwore Jessica girl still blogs semi-regularly, though I’ve never read her and from what I see when I come across it, her heart’s not really in it any more, and she mainly just posts sponsored stuff which could be anything. Glad I changed focus to blogging about stuff that’s actually in my head. I’m facebook friends with a few WRers though, and everyone seems happy, some still wearing the same clothes as before!

      • Jessica 26 November 2016, 8:33 pm

        Yes, I know what you mean re: getting used to being a different size. As I was lucky enough to be home with my kids I carried on thrifting larger sizes, which has definitely made it easier. A funny way I sometimes get inspiration for combinations is hanging up the washing or folding clean laundry; odd things will be together purely by chance and the combination will please me enough to wear it! BTW I’m not that Jessica. Yes, I do read Tricia’s very occasional posts still, too! That’s interesting that some are still going strong on facebook, I’m never on there at all. I am a big fan of your thoughtful posts, as I believe I’ve commented in the past ;-). PS Sorry about that “your” instead of “you’re”! That’s what comes of writing whilst trying to get the kids to stop bearbaiting!

  • Katie 25 November 2016, 6:03 pm

    I think it’s just the process of growing and reprioritizing. I love having found old w_r friends on Instagram and seeing how everyone’s lives have evolved.

    I barely blog anymore. I kept up for a long time and shifted a few times to different subject matters, but in the past couple years, it’s dwindled to nothing.

    • Franca 28 November 2016, 7:38 pm

      I need to find you on instagram!

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