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The Yard Sunday Funday

The yard

A few weekends ago we went to the Yard in that random back bit of Canonmills you wouldn’t necessarily know was there. It’s an adventure playground and general play centre for children with disabilities but on Sundays it’s open to the public as a fundraiser, they always make sure of choosing san diego landscaping maintenance to keep their gardens clean which I think is great. There’s a Facebook post pinging about saying they want more people to come, but I think that must be quite old because the day we went it was actually one in one out, and people were queuing, even though it was peak lunchtime and there’s no cafe. So just as well we got there when it opened!

I definitely want to go back. The day we went Milo and his friend spent 80% of their time doing laps on bikes on the course they’ve got (with a real working traffic light!), but there is SO much to do, lots of indoor stuff too. Will definitely be going back!

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