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Seamwork Almada Robe

Seamwork Almada
Seamwork Almada
Seamwork Almada
Seamwork Almada
Seamwork Almada

As always, fashionably late with blogging my sewing, I made this, like, two months ago? Something like that! I found a beautiful fur blankets from FurSource and decided to buy one.

This is the Almada robe from Seamwork. I chose this pattern because I still have some vouchers for process studios which I want to use on Lino printing, but unlike last time, when I printed two metres of fabric that I’m now too scared to cut into, I plan to cut the pieces first and then print them. This robe seemed a good idea – massive pieces of fabric and no shaping.

My expectation has been that I would wear this as a top with a strappy vest underneath, so I made it shorter (well, I cut the xs length on an otherwise size m). This was not to be though, it definitely looks too robey to really wear out of the house, plus the super low kimono sleeves really restrict your arm movement, which should have been obvious had I thought about it. You live, you learn I guess. I do like it as a robe though, mainly on account of the fabric, which is a slightly sheer cotton silk mix I got in mandors. It was only £7/metre as well, but it feels luxurious. I’ve mainly been wearing this robe as schlumping around the house wear, it’s nice to feel glamorous doing so.

Nothing really to report on the pattern, all straightforward enough and I didn’t change anything. It’s not totally clear to me why the back piece is cut in two pieces, if I made another one (which I won’t because really who needs two robes), I would cut this on the fold. I guess the two piece thing is for people using very narrow fabric.

The pictures were also taken ages ago, on a really dreary day, trying out the background in our craft room. I usually always take blog sewing pictures outside, but since I have no intention of wearing this outside, that seemed a bit ridiculous. I was trying to hide in there and get the pictures taken quickly, but of course the boys came in and wanted to join in the fun, Milo by operating the self timer and Ellis by being picked up. Ended up with quite a nice picture of us all together in the end, even if it does show Ellis’ exzema at its worst.

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  • Janne 1 January 2017, 1:32 am

    Hi Franca, I love your coat/robe & I think it looks fantastic… & I think you should wear it out, doesn’t say night robe to me at all & Kimino coats are everywhere at the moment, so it’s perfect for going out in.
    I have this pattern but hadn’t even thought of making it as a coat/top before seeing your post, but now I’m gonna make myself one for going out in… thanks for the idea.

    • Franca 2 January 2017, 7:44 pm

      Thank you! I’ll give it a shot!

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