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Three colour sock yarn shawls


I’m on a bit of a knitting roll at the moment, and am making a concerted effort to knit away my stash (it all fits in one box now, whee), and i thought these three bits of sock yarn would go well together. I have 100g of the green, 80g of the red and 60g of the yellow. I’ve asked ravelry for suggestions, and as usual, the ravelrers came up trumps. These are my faves, but there’s actually not that much choice, because obviously people tend to write patterns for whole skeins, not 60% of one. It’s only the first three patterns here I would definitely be able to make, without adapting them.

I think I would prefer something with some texture/lace, and I’m not sure about narrow stripes, because that would have to be the red and the green, and I just don’t think they contrast that well. Ah well, I don’t have to decide for a good while, got a hat and a baby cardigan to make first!

I’d love to hear which ones you like, or any other suggestions!


3 colour cashmere shawl

Colour affection


Stay Soft


Color Your Shawl


Perhaps Perhaps

My Cryptonite


All Paths Lead Home

Skipping dots



Lilli Pilli

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