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Project 52: 1/52

New Year, new photo series! It’s difficult to pick a picture every week sometimes, and sometimes hard to have to take the big camera out to get one, but it’s the perfect number of photos to have to make into an album at the end of the year.

Anyway, here’s the first ones of 2017! These are from the National Museum, where they had a kids programme on called Sprogmanay. Ellis is standing in front of a thing you could tie your wishes for 2017 to (Milo’s wishes ‘Christmas’ and ‘holidays’), and Milo is in the cardboard version of the Dazzle Ship, which you could decorate. There was also lantern and crown making stations and a trail of ape pictures to find around the museum.

1/52 Ellis

1/52 Milo

Couple of extra pictures to show the ship better

dazzle ship
dazzle ship

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