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Project 52: 2 and 3/52

So, the project 52 slipped my mind and i completely forgot to take pictures the weekend before last. So these are both from this week, but you wouldn’t really know that unless i told you, so i am not sure why I am, hehe!

2/52 Milo

This is Milo with his new goggles. He has been refusing to switch from armbands to rings in this swimming class, but we realised we were able to bribe him with a pair of goggles! So now he’s worn the rings and won’t get water in his eyes when jumping in, which may mean he’ll do it without holding onto the coach, you never know!

3/52 Milo
This is him showing off his new tshirt. More on which soon!

2/52 Ellis
Ellis on Portobello Prom before a playdate in the softplay. He managed to get round the 5-10 year bit all by himself, proud!

3/52 Ellis
And joining in with the epic brio layout building

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