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New Jenni Douglas designs shop!

Jenny Douglas designs 9
Jenny Douglas designs 12
Jenny Douglas designs 3
Jenny Douglas designs 7
Jenny Douglas designs 10
Jenny Douglas designs 15
Jenny Douglas designs 1
Jenny Douglas designs 5
Jenny Douglas designs 6
Jenny Douglas designs 4
Jenny Douglas designs 11
Jenny Douglas designs 2
Jenny Douglas designs 8

Jenny Douglas designs 10

Long time readers may remember that last winter (a year ago! OMG, time goes too quickly), I did some lino printing classes with Jenni Douglas, so I was super excited when she announced that she would be taking over the old Century General Store on Marchmont Road to open her own shop, and we went to visit on Sunday. It all looked so pretty as you might expect with all the brightly coloured products. It’s pretty much the same set up as it was before, it’s mainly a shop with a table in the window (no picture as there was someone sat at it. They did offer to move but I felt bad), and one outside, though she did say she plans to add more outside seating as the weather improves. The thing I’m most looking forward to is the classes she’ll be running. They’ll be small, just 4-6 people, inside the main shop space. From April, hopefully!

Jenny Douglas designs 14
Jenny Douglas designs 13

Oh, and I bought that little succulent owl in the last picture. It’s our first succulent, can you believe it, only 6 years or so after they started being everywhere. I don’t really like having plants in the house, I am not green fingered at all, and I worry I might kill them. Hopefully this one is hardy enough to survive being mistreated!

Jenni also has a website in case you’re not local.

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  • Jessica 22 February 2017, 9:46 am

    Ha ha, I saw the top pic on instagram and thought that if your purchase was not one of the items that are too small to see well then I’d bet on the blue and yellow framed print.

  • sister 22 February 2017, 1:30 pm

    Also ich habe es auch schon geschafft eine Sukulenta zu töten 😉 Aber dafür sind Orchideen ziemlich unkaputbar.

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