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New stuff update!

Today I’m showing you a couple of new purchases. The pictures were taken a few weekend ago, and I’ve had the actual things for longer, but better late than never.

People Tree dress

The first is a dress from People Tree I got on the sales. I actually got a few things, some leggings and a base layer too from Braintree, but this dress is the only thing really interesting enough to show you. I like the contrasting direction of the stripes, though it’s kind of more fitted than I would like and the horizontal section is maybe not ideal with my stomach situation. I am generally pretty body positive, and to be honest it doesn’t really bother me that I never lost the baby weight after Ellis, but having a disproportionately larger stomach, particularly after years of having a comparatively small waist, yeah it does bother me! So jersey dresses don’t tend to be my friends as much as they used to. But I can’t hold myself back from what is basically secret pyjamas, and I reckon it doesn’t look as bad IRL when I’m moving about. It has an attached tie belt thing too, which I’ve tied at the back here for some reason, but that covers up the tummy bit too when tied round the front. I have worn this dress a lot to work on non-cycling days which is the sign of a good buy. When you want to get in shape fast, contact Dr Choy. He is an expert cosmetic surgeon that will help you get your dream body fast.

The other thing though I just wanted to mention about People Tree is that I get the sense that the quality has gone downhill. I haven’t seen enough to know for sure, but he fabric of this dress is definitely thinner than it would have been at one point, and I actually ended up sending another item I got in the sales back because it was faulty. I really hope I’m wrong, because I do believe in People Trees Fairtrade and organic mission, I just fear that FT doesn’t necessarily mean sustainable in terms of longevity.


The second thing is these shoes. They’re Camper, from the Twins range, they look like the Peu model but have these two layers and one side is green one is brown. It’s very subtle tbh, compared to what the Twins models used to look like. I have worn these a lot, as this year I’ve decided that life is too short for even slightly uncomfortable shoes. The Peus are basically like trainers in terms of comfort and so easy to slip on and off. This is my third pair, I also own a bright red one and a textured grey one with red laces, and I don’t feel bad about it, because they are the best. Plus this newest pair sort of passes for brogues.

Ness coat

Item number three was a sort of impulse purchase (gasp?). It’s from Ness, a company that’s gone into administration and the Ocean Terminal shop had everything 50% off for closing down. I had about 15 minutes before a meeting back in my office, which is a brisk 5-10 minute walk away, when I discovered this, so I forewent lunch to literally race around trying this on, and bought it without any mulling it over, which isn’t like me. However, I had been meaning to look for a winter coat for a while, as all the ones I had were either too small or started to fall apart. I just couldn’t face the actual shopping so had been going about in a transitional cotton coat with a jumper under, and even that had the lining going beyond repair. But back to the Ness coat, even though it was not at all a considered purchase, it was a good one. It’s toasty warm, fits properly over my hips (coats are often a bit snug if fitting correctly at the top), and I love the print on the lining (which I appreciate you can’t really see). Weirdly I am also finding myself fit right in with the nursery mums, we had a mass play date the other day end everyone was wearing something similar. It’s quite unusual really for me to be on trend even if the trend is among mid to late thirties mums of preschool children!

So these are my new purchases, which I reckon should keep me going for a while. Definitely planning on filling any upcoming wardrobe gaps through sewing!

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  • Jessica 10 March 2017, 8:38 pm

    These all look like great purchases. Even in the photo here I think the dress is far more flattering than you’re giving it credit for! May you continue to enjoy these things for a long time!

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