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Sewing fail roundup

Plantain tee - lime green bamboo
Plantain tee - lime green bamboo

A bit of a sewing update today. Unfortunately, nothing I am proud of though! It started with me making a raglan tshirt from the burdastyle magazine. This is the pattern – burdastyle 01/2017 102. It was my first burda make, so ticking off something from the 2017 Make 9. I had all the fabric in stash, and it looked easy enough, so I thought I’d just bash it out. Alas, it was a complete fail on every level, which is why you’re not getting pictures of me wearing it, but here it is on the dummy:

Burdastyle raglan top bamboo fabric

First problem, the colours. I had this lime yellow bamboo and two bits of big scraps from other tops, so I thought I’d put them together. Dave said it reminded him of an 80s shell suit, and now I can’t get that out of my head.

Second, the sewing. I don’t have lightning stitch on my machine, and after trying some alternatives I thought I’d try the stitch that’s like a zig zag but made out of tiny straight stitches as it’s super stretchy. Unfortunately that made it really tricky to press anything and it actually stretched the fabric a bit while sewing. It’s really visible in places. I will be going back to straight stitch next, I don’t go in for massive amounts of negative ease, and I’d rather fix a popped seam than deal with this mess again. And the neckline is awful – by this point I knew it was a lost cause and just wanted to get it finished whichever which way. Some of my pieces also were really out (like several cms out, not just wonky), not sure what happened, so ended up having to cut things down post sewing.

Third, and I’m taking no responsibility for this, the sizing is ridiculous. My upper bust is between a 40 and 42 of the bust proper. So I cut a 40. Turns out this is humungous. As in fitting xl tshirt wearing, 6 foot 3 Dave. The sleeves are about 10cms past my hands, and the hem is over my bum, even though it looks almost cropped on the model. The neck is still big on Dave even. Here he is posing (and I did tell you the sewing is awful, I’m so embarrassed):

Burdastyle raglan top bamboo fabric

It’s one redeeming feature is that it is made of the bamboo fabric, which as you know I love. I’ve relegated it to sleepwear and it does feel nice. It just looks absolutely ludicrous.

Plantain tee - lime green bamboo
Plantain tee - lime green bamboo

So that’s that. Now on to the tshirt I’m wearing in the pictures. It’s a plantain, which I’ve made three of in the past, so I thought it would be a thing I could get right to boost my confidence. Haha, how wrong was I? I topstitched the neckline the wrong way round, so it’s pucker central, and I didn’t trim the neckline seam allowance til after the topstitching, and when I did, I cut into the tshirt not once, but twice. Argh! The puckering doesn’t even bother me that much as there’s so many of them it kind of looks intentional, but the holes are no good. Here’s a closer look.

Deer and doe plantain tee like green bamboo

I did wear this out to lunch, and then to yoga, but I definitely don’t plan on wearing it in public much in future. My sleepwear box is getting pretty full!

Still at least that was just the leftovers from the burda top which I couldn’t have used for anything else (there was about 75cms, and I had to cut the sleeves the wrong way round to fit them in).

I don’t even know what I will sew next! I have an emery that needs a zip attached, but I want to make something that isn’t full of mistakes first before I mess that one up too.

Oh, and finally, a better picture of my new coat since I didn’t show it well last time. This was the light testing picture.

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