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Burda bell sleeve tunic dress

Burda 04/2017 112
Burda 04/2017 112
Burda 04/2017 112
Burda 04/2017 112

I’ve managed to sew something wearable to rebuild my confidence after the two disastrous tops recently! It’s the 112 dress from the March 2017 Burda magazine and I’m very pleased.

I cut a size 40 and did an fba, and the fit is reasonable. It’s definitely a bit big around the shoulders and neck, but not massively so, and it’s just right round the bottom. I think for the next burda thing I will start with a 38 and do a bigger FBA, but I don’t think I can face the thought of tracing this again, and doing an fba from scratch (I hate it!) so I may just stick with the 40 if I make this again.

I do plan to make another one, in a better fabric for me. The fabric I had planned for this actually turned out to be really narrow and I couldn’t fit all the pieces in. I had to ruffle through my stash and this was the only thing that was big enough and not allocated for a particular purpose already (my stash is small). It’s liberty lawn I got at a swap from Hazel. It is of course a dream to press and sew, and feels good to wear, but no part of white-pink-light green-turquoise is for me. I am sort of playing around with the idea of paring down my wardrobe so everything can fit on hangers, and if I end up committing to that (I doubt it like, but the thought is there), this would not make the grade.

Burda 04/2017 112

It’s also a bit too short for a dress, so I need to make it again in full dress form. It was way way way too long when I first made it (I do wish burda would use 168cm models as that’s what stuff is meant to be drafted for), and I went a bit too far in shortening. I pinned it up just looking at the front and chopped off 22cms on the basis of that and then also used more length in hemming than I thought I would, so this is not really decent from the back. I’ll shorten the pattern pieces by 10cms next time and will take it from there. But actually this tunic length isn’t bad either, I almost always wear jeans these days, so it’s good to have stuff to go with that

There’s a few other adjustments to make next time:
* full biceps adjustment. I’ve been doing yoga daily for about ten weeks now and my biceps goes massive at the slightest whiff of a chaturanga. Wish the same could be said for the shoulder muscles!
* the darts are a bit too long, so will shorten them. Possibly also slightly too high, though I have a feeling sorting the arms might actually make them sit lower anyway
* the sleeves either need shortened a bit or lengthened a bit

Oh, and I also did not follow instructions! As usual, I was majorly confused by the burda ones, which weirdly had you make the button loop (which I subbed with a popper anyway) as the second step, so just made them up. I can do that now, get me!

Apologies for total lack of sideways or close up photos of the shaping. I need to get into this whole sewing blogging thing again!

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  • Kerry (Kestrel Makes) 10 April 2017, 8:57 am

    It looks like a good fit, and like the perfect top to remake in lots of different fabrics. Well done for negotiating the Burda instructions successfully. I made a Burda blouse as my first pattern independently after a beginner sewing class – and it was challenging!
    Kerry (Kestrel Makes) recently posted..Melilot Blouse v.2 & Fit adjustments: Help!My Profile

  • Mother of Reinvention 15 April 2017, 5:47 pm

    This is lovely and a nice fit. The length is great with jeans. I really like the sleeves and the fabric will be fab for the summer. Burda instructions are always a bit odd. I do love the pattern though. Well worth the tracing. Xx
    Mother of Reinvention recently posted..She’s Leaving HomeMy Profile