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Project 52: 18/52

18/52 Milo

We went down to the vintage event in the Grassmarket on Sunday and got a window seat in Mary’s Milk Bar ice cream parlour, which is a miracle cos it was mobbed. Someone I used to work with once appeared on her social media for doing the massive ‘challenge cup’ with his three kids, which I would love to do but the chances of (a) getting a table and (b) not feeling like you are completely getting in the way are frankly negligible. If the challenge cup even still exists, that was years ago!

18/52 Ellis

We had a playdate on Saturday and when it was time to leave, Ellis refused to relinquish this bag, so we borrowed it for the week. He took it out with him on Sunday and kept saying his wee friend’s name. I love this picture, it looks like he’s out window shopping like in sex and the city or something.

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