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Project 52: 30/52

30/52 Ellis
30/52 Milo

We are at my parents house just now for a holiday – Ellis is with my granny (his great-granny) who just met him for the first time. Milo is scruffing around with the watering can pond ornament.

I’ve decided to take August off proper blogging, and will be doing a mix of the August Break and the In Colourful Company instagram challenge, so just one photo a day. A mix of the two because some of the August Break posts are too thinky for me (I would have to think for a long time to come up with my one wish or my one regret) and I do want this to be a break. Plus I want to join in with the colour ladies too! I’ve made a list with both prompts on and will choose whichever one I like best that day. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with the Project 52 photos for the next three weeks, I may just save them up. And I do have a review post lined up for during the Fringe, so I’ll have to squeeze that in. We’ll see!

Back in September anyway!


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