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The curated closet – setting my style goal

The curated closet

The second step of the curated closet (after the first one) is setting your style goals with three more questions

What do you like about your style and current wardrobe?

It’s mostly well-fitting, completely comfortable and suitable to my lifestyle. And I like all pieces individually.

Which aspects of your style and wardrobe need work?

I would like everything to be more coherent and also more recognisable. I think because my wardrobe is such a mish mash of recently bought and sewn, and some stuff from a long time ago when I had a very different body, and a much more vintage style, it’s just not very consistent. I guess it would be easy enough to go down the basics route for consistency l, and I do love my Breton tops, but then so does everyone else. I would like my clothes to be in a recognizable style even to people who don’t think about clothes.

Re the sewing, at the moment I’m still trying to sew down my stash which is mostly acquired from swaps and some purchases for things I didn’t then get round to actually making. I need to be more selective in my fabric choices when sewing and not be seduced by stuff that looks oh so cute on the roll but maybe doesn’t fit in my wardrobe.

What new skills do you want to learn?

Also on sewing, I need to build up my skills a bit. I gravitate to things that only need fitting in one place, because honestly the thought of doing all these adjustments at the same time slightly gives me the fear. But if I really want to build my wardrobe I’m gonna have to learn!

The other thing is to figure out my body shape. I used to be an hourglass and on paper have gone to being something like a pear based on my measurements (I know the whole idea of standard body shapes is ridiculous, but you know what I mean). But still sometimes I see pictures of myself and I look so chesty, and sometimes even top heavy. So if I could get a better idea of what is flattering (even if flattering sometimes isn’t the aim) that would be great.

Next up is collecting photos of stuff I like!

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  • Lorena 12 July 2017, 4:07 pm

    The more you share about this book, the more I want to buy it.
    Its a funny thing as I usually want to dress more modern but am always buying vintage. Its like my soul is something else than what my head wants!

  • Christina 15 July 2017, 7:35 pm

    Hi Franca. First time visit but not last 🙂 I enjoyed reading this post. I have thought much about my style (I have next to none) and I sew lots of my own clothes. I have seen this book a few times now, maybe I’ll have look at it next time I visit a book shop. x