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Project 52: 35/52 and 36/52

Milo 35/52
Ellis 35/52

I really really need to catch up with these from not posting them for a month, so here’s another doubler!

Week 35 is a brio train track one, we haven’t done that for ages. It’s Ellis that usually asks for it these days, but Milo still plays once it’s out.

36/52 Ellis

Week 36 the photos are from different places for Milo and Ellis. Ellis’ is from when we went Blackberry picking at Newington Cemetery (it’s not a working cemetary, the last grave is from 1960s or so) – a lot of berries there but very difficult to get to!

36/52 Milo

Milo’s is from the Edinburgh bank holiday Monday, when we went through to Glasgow to visit the riverside and the tall shp moored outside it, which is where this was taken.

And my three boys altogether:

Glasgow Riverside
Glasgow Riverside

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