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The Curated Closet – defining my style characteristics

Curated closet

Like I said in my last curated closet post, the aim of all the photo searching is to come up with a list of elements/characteristics that you like, which you later refine into a style list. So, without further ado, here is mine!

Overall vibe
Middle aged pottery teacher
Minimalism/clean lines

This one was the hardest. It’s really difficult to give something a name! I was sort of considering going for tomboy or androgynous or something, because I’m a low maintenance person beauty wise and I never wear heels and even when wearing dresses I prefer to style them casual. But then I associate those names with a particular, boyish body shape, and clearly I am not that! In the end I plumped for streetwear after I was at a thing in the fringe and one of the performers commented on my campers and threadless sweatshirt, which gave me the idea of streetwear. It’s not quite right either though!

curated closet
This is what I mean by middle aged pottery teacher – Kate Malone was my inspiration but I couldn’t find any good full body pictures of her on her own. Sonya Phillips also in this vein. I don’t like this look wholesale (it’s too unfitted around the bust), but it really appeals to me

Individual items
Oversized/ losse fitting dress
Woven tshirt
Casual blazer
Skinny jeans
Long but fittedish tunic top
Flats shoes – brogues/campers/trainers from www.shoeadviser.com.

Curated closet
This features yellow, skinny jeans, colourblocking and layering

Bright red
Navy as the neutral
Warm shades
Graphic prints – abstract or large scale florals

Curated closet
A loose fitting dress with a casual blazer (actually that’s maybe a cardigan)

Oversized/a-line dress
Correctly fitted around the bust – I like oversized but I hate things flippy flopping around on my shoulders, or my boobs being squished down
Tunic over skinnies
Fitted top, voluminous bottom
Long/3/4length/bracelet length sleeves
Highish necklines that sit in place – no boat necks or off the shoulder things

Curated closet
Stripes, pockets, trainers

Good quality fabrics only, true colours, no fading or pilling
Soft medium weight woven cottons
Stable knits (sweatshirting, thickish jersey)
Satin/silk for floaty tops
Preference for natural fibres

Curated closet
Stripes, structural shoulders, red

Earrings and brooches for jewellery
Scarves/Handknit shawls
Erring on the side of casual
Crossbody bags

Curated closet
I really disprove of the weird half in half out tucking here, but if the heels were flats I would wear this in a heartbeat

Overall this doesn’t feel totally coherent but it’s a start!

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  • banivani 27 September 2017, 7:44 am

    I really enjoyed this post, and will keep a look out for others in the series! Great collection of styles. I’ve been thinking a lot about style lately, since my natural inclination has always been androgynous, but with a “fuller figure” πŸ˜‰ I’ve fallen for the idea that I need to wear slinkier vavavoom clothes. Am now dithering and considering how to be a flat-shoed librarian but without looking like a box, haha. A lot of your peeves apply to me too – hate having squished boobs, hate things falling off my shoulders. Will keep looking. πŸ™‚

  • Sarah 3 October 2017, 7:23 am

    Regarding the street wear/androgynous/tomboy thing I think of it as clothes I could walk home from work in in an emergency (like a fire alarm, you just have to leave as you are and can’t go back inside to get your change of shoes/wallet etc).