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Curated Closet

Pre August break I started working my way through the curated wardrobe, and I’m picking up where I left off with step three which is searching for images that appeal to you to figure out what it is you like. This was kind of harder than expected.

A few thoughts:

1. Fashion bloggers are so samey it’s quite disturbing. Obviously there are lots of fun and diverse fashion bloggers out there but they’re clearly small fry to who comes up when you start googling for particular outfits (e.g. Red shirt dress outfit, or casual blazer outfit, etc). Oh my god everyone is white, skinny, really long and full haired, impractical heels, heavily made up. Mostly blonde, occasionally brunette. That sort of Mormon housewife pre-kids look. The same sort of photography too, outside, warm weather, plain background, fake walking, looking down or into camera coquettishly, pushing hair behind ears. I’ve never really felt the need to seek out people that look like me in fashion blogs, but I do like to look at people who are different *from each other*. I don’t even have a problem with the look that these guys go for, but just the.complete.sameness. I genuinely found it difficult to tell them apart. I have never missed wardrobe remix and normal people photographing clothes they actually wore irl more in my life.

2. Slightly related to that, I found it really hard to let go of my internalised rules what I can wear because of my body shape. At this stage you are really supposed to just find stuff you like and would like to wear without regard to your lifestyle of body shape (both of those are brought in later), but I couldn’t really do it. I really like the look of culottes and palazzo pants, but I *know* they don’t work for me. I have bubble butt and big thighs, it’s not gonna happen unless I learn to tailor trousers which I am years away from in terms of my sewing skills. So even as I was downloading these pictures, I knew I would be ditching them soon.

3. I realised that I do actually have quite a clear image of what I like in my head, I just often wasn’t able to find it. This stage of the process is really about drilling down into the details, hem lengths, lapel sizes etc but I never got that far because for the things I really loved there wasn’t lots of variation thereof (unlike, say your heels, jeans and blazer combo favoured by the identikit bloggers). I think though that this sort of thing will naturally work itself out for me as I continue to sew. The dressmaking world is a lot more particular about these things than the fashion world which seems to be more about the overall look.

4. I also realised that colour is my number one thing. I will love anything mustard yellow regardless of what it is. I actually had to stop myself filling up my phone with all the random yellow.

I did arrive at some things at the end of all of this – which is another post!

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  • Señora Allnut 11 September 2017, 12:25 pm

    I’ve also felt quite dissapointed by the lack of different body shapes, styles, whatever. I would like to see something more Real!, something a working girl would wear to go to work in a public transport, or walking on slippy cobblestones and evil stairs. Rain or other ‘real life’ weather conditions would be considered too.

    I think that your sewing skills are becoming very useful, you’re very inspiring!
    Glad that we share our love for color!
    Señora Allnut recently posted..street art & turquoiseMy Profile

  • Chloe 11 September 2017, 1:52 pm

    I’m so with you on the thin, blond bloggers whose pictures are interchangeable! When I search for clothes, it’s often for specific fairly generic work clothes. Like I want to know how these banana republic work pants fit. But then I can’t picture how it would fit me (thin but apple) at all!

  • Lorena 11 September 2017, 8:05 pm

    I know what you mean Franca, in regards to some bloggers, sometimes it seems like a fashion version of the Xian terracota warriors…
    Lorena recently posted..Playground overallsMy Profile