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Colourblocking and new glasses

New Glasses
New Glasses

I’m back! Hopefully anyway! The reason I was missing in action was that I had a promotion board at work to apply for permanent promotion to the grade I am working at. It’s all very complicated and annoying the way they do this kind of thing in the Scottish Government, and I won’t say any more about it because honestly no one needs a rant about this. Basically I am good at the jobs, but not good at the assessment centres. I’m not sure how it went this time, my initial reaction was that it was probably good enough, but then the next day I’d convinced myself I’d messed it up spectacularly, so who knows. If I get it, I’ll finally have some peace and quiet in my life, but if not, I will apply for any and all jobs at that grade, in which case I will likely stop blogging again for a while. So anyway, that’s why I was away.

New Glasses

Soooo… back to the actual blogging! I got sent new glasses by Glassesshop.com. I’m a big fan of buying eyeglasses online and this is my third pair from them, and the other two I’ve got (black and white (preggy pics!) and tortoiseshell catseye) are actually both in my top three favourite pairs. (I have like 8 pairs, though I think I need to do a clear out). I usually go for dark chunky frames, and I know they suit me, but I’ve been admiring clear frames on other people and was keen to try them myself, so I went for that this time. I have to say, the jury is out!

New Glasses

I like them because they look so different, and it’s good to change it up. I do a double take every time I see myself in a mirror with them! The problem is though that I think they really need to be styled a bit to look good. Like it needs to look intentional, if you slob around in jeans and plain tees, airdried hair and no make up (which, lets face it, is me 70% of the time), they do tend to look a bit 1980s NHS specs. So anyway, I made an effort in these pictures and I like them in this way, I think they look intentional and interesting, and you can see my eyes more. Here they are on instagram with more subtle make up – though still more than I usually wear.

Obviously my indecision about the frames is not a reflection on glassesshop, I am completely happy with their service, and the frames do look exactly as described. They have tons and tons of other glasses frames and I would defo recommend them for prescription glasses

New Glasses

Also I don’t think I’ve talked much this blazer before? It’s appeared in my curated closet status quo post but I think that’s about it. I bought it from a charity shop in the summer (it’s originally new look) and I love it! It’s exactly the kind of casual blazer I want to have more of in my wardrobe, it’s so comfy but still somehow says formal (more than my usual anyway) and I love love love the colour. The top is also charity shopped, it was £1 in the age concern closing down sale. I’m not sure about the colour, but I like the texture of it!

I am also completely cracking up at my stereotypical fashion blogger poses here. I had actually taken pictures for about ten minutes before these, but hadn’t realised that the focus was set on manual (so professional) so all those photos were unusuably blurry. In these replacement ones I was clearly over smiling and going for the neutral expression/bitchy resting face staring into the distance thing.

This one is my favourite. The hand thing, why do people do this all the time?

New Glasses

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  • Christina 30 October 2017, 8:20 pm

    You look fab! I like your new glasses, sophisticated and fun at the same time. I very much hope all went well with your promotion board. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    I went to the craft and stitching show yesterday with my friend Christine. We had so much fun! Thanks for the tickets. x

  • Lorena 14 November 2017, 5:04 pm

    Good choice Franca, these look very good.