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Maps maps maps! a book review

maps 4


When we went to the Polish Design for Kids festival, we bought two books by the same author Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski. One we are going to give Milo for his birthday, so its stashed away, the other one is this one called Maps. It’s maps of most (I guess? A LOT OF) countries in the world, with the best illustrations. There’s major cities landmarks and tons and tons of stuff about the countries national foods, animals, artists, authors, common baby names etc. The boys completely love it. Ellis likes pointing at things and naming them in a generic way, whereas Milo is more into the specifics – he’s big into Blue Planet II at the moment, so knows a ridiculous amount about different types of sharks and whales. His favourite page is Russia, he likes following the Transiberian railway. It’s been so educational for me as well! I do love a map anyway, and all the cute illustrations make it extra fun. You could read this every day for a year and you’d still discover something new and cute every day.

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  • Sarah Klesen 27 November 2017, 11:26 am

    Das sieht wirklich sehr cool aus. Da bin ich ja jetzt schon auf Milos Geburtstagsgeschenk gespannt.

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