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Project 52: 43/52

43/52 Ellis
43/52 Milo

This week’s photos are from Portobello beach. Dave has come up with this idea of collecting shells and stones in clear plastic bottles, which sit in the boot of the car and come out once a week for the beach visit. We also walked down to the metal octopus, which is usually in the water. I’ve just discovered that it was first put up in 2015 for the annual Art walk, but was damaged and was repaired and put back for the 2016 one. Info here.

beach life
beach life
beach life

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  • Sarah Klesen (sister) 17 November 2017, 8:18 pm

    Milo kann sich ja mit seiner neuen Jacke richtich gut tarnen vor dem blauen Himmel und Wasser.
    Den Oktopus find ich ja absolut genial! Ich hab den schon auf daves Foto bewundert.