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The Curated Closet – Selecting a Colour Palette


Back in the autumn I had a few posts about working through the curated closet, the last of which was defining my style characteristics. I’m skipping a few steps in the process, because quite a lot of the steps involve going out into shops, and I’m not really doing this for shopping, I am doing it for sewing. But this step I’ve been looking forward to!


So the plan in the book is that you select a colour palette for yourself, with three main colours, two neutrals and four accent colours. I’d done something similar before, but it never really worked out for me, I’m not sure because it wasn’t restrictive enough to end up with something coherent, or because this whole limiting approach maybe just doesn’t work for me. I loved playing around with these, but I honestly have no idea if I could ever really commit to one of them. Unless you go for very basic neutrally colours, or you include a lot of similar shades, the chances of being able to match particular shades of a colour, either in shop bought clothing or fabric for sewing, are pretty minimal.


What it has done is it has confirmed to me that I see the three main colours being versions of the primary colours. The actual shade of blue and red is not something I could settle on (I used the presets in inkscape to make these and didn’t even realise I had chosen so many different mid blues until I saw them next to each other), and in some you’ll see I’ve added different shades of blue and red in the accents, which makes it more coherent, but then do I really want to leave out green altogether? And purple, which doesn’t even appear in here at all – mainly cos I ran out of time to make more of them with it in it.


I guess we’ll have to see how this works out. It’s definitely been a useful exercise in getting me to think about it, though it remains to be seen whether and how it translates through into my fabric and clothes buying.

And now for the fun bit – which is your fave?


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