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Things I made in 2017 roundup and knitting and sewing plans

2017 Makes

I’m pleasantly surprised to discover that I’ve made 20 things in 2017! It’s not loads and loads, but it’s more than I thought I had, given that I pretty much constantly feel that I don’t have enough time to craft!

The first thing was actually made by Dave, but I did also make a glove (just the one, its partner is still to be made), three hats, and a shirt which I haven’t blogged yet and will therefore include next year. Here’s links to the blog posts for everything for more info:

1. Octopus Prime
2. Lady Grey hat
3. Lapsang hat
4. Elliot baby cardigan test version
5. Deer and Doe Plantain
6. Burda 01/2017 102
7. Burda 03/2017 112 – Tunic length
8. Colour Affection shawl
9. Burda 03/2017 112 – Liberty fabric
10. Knitting project bags
11. Burda 03/2017 112 – Nani Iro fabric
12. Lady grey Cowl
13. Frisson shawl
14. Stripy Seamwork Akita
15. Burda 04/2017 112
16. Burda 10/2017 111 (kind of)
17. Purl Soho Baby Mocs
18. Estelle jumper
19. Three colour Elliot cardigan
10. Burda 10/2017 103

2017 make nine

I only made 2.5 things from the make nine choices I made at the beginning of the year: The Colour Affection shawl and something (many things) from Burda magazine. I’m currrently halfway through the Waiting for Rain shawl. This probably isn’t that surprising given that I got the Burda magazine subscription for Christmas, so I wasn’t exactly falling over myself to buy individual patters. I did start the Emery though, so hoping to finish it at some point, and I do have the yarn for the Peppermint Leaves hat still. I’d also forgotten I have the Belcarra pattern, so I may do that yet!


I’ve decided not to do a make nine for 2018, I got another Burda subscription for Christmas, so I’ll probably mainly do whatever catches my eye from there. I do have a couple of things I definitely want to make, the Rushcutter from In the Folds and the Clare Devine Lammermuir, which I won in a giveaway in the summer, and got gorgeous handdyed yarn for from my Fibreshare partner. My main ambition for this year is to sew and knit down my stash, and to continue to make things I will wear everyday, rather than for special occasions.

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  • Christina 3 January 2018, 2:33 pm

    20 things is great achievement for a working mum of two! I like the variety of makes you are showing, each and every piece looks fab. I have just published my own little review and plans for this year but forgot to count my makes… happy making!

  • Marie 7 January 2018, 1:16 pm

    Wow Franca!!! You were really busy this year! Nicely done!
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  • Kathryn 7 January 2018, 10:43 pm

    That’s a productive year! I love all the yellow and other bright colours showing up in your makes. I’ve been thinking of maybe getting a burda subscription too, I take it you’d recommend it?

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