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Graham Carter Alphamals A-Z

A-Z animals

Dave bought this book, Alphamals A-Z by Graham Carter, on impulse the other day, it’s and anmial A-Z, which isn’t some magical new idea, but the illustrtaions are amazing, and the choice of animals is great, some of them I hadn’t even heard of, Quoll anyone? I couldn’t choose which letters to include in this post, so here they all are!


At this point I decided I could get the pictures closer if I tilted the book slightly sideways

A-Z animals
A-Z animals

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  • Graham Carter 6 February 2018, 8:00 am

    Thanks for the mention Franca! Nice to hear from places the Alphamals are popping up. I did print versions of these (on Boxbird.co.uk) , along with alternative animals that didn’t quite make the cut (Zebra Caterpillar for instance) . All the best , Graham .

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